A complete beginner’s guide on concealers

A complete beginner’s guide on concealers : How to choose a concealer ? Difference between Liquid and stick concealer

Almost every other day we come across the new launches in the beauty world. Basically you can say that you can experiment makeup products your own way. There’s no such rules that you gotta apply lipstick only on your lips. You can apply lipstick as a cheek stain as well as an eye shadow base to give new colors to your eye lids. Similarly, you can use your highlighter as your eye shadow for that glamorous look. Well we are today gonna talk all that you need to know about concealers.

How to apply a concealer?

Firstly, you should know that concealer is supposed to be applied over your foundation. This is because, you will get a picture on how much concealer is required after the foundation to match your skin tone without making it look patchy. Hence is you have been ignoring this rule, then you should definitely correct yourself soon. Apply concealer under your eyes to cut out the dark circles, on the bridge of your nose, chin, center part of your forehead, on your eye lids and on any other flaws present on your face.

Liquid concealer or stick concealer ? What to buy?

Secondly, never just go with the flow. Know your skin type very nicely before buying any sort of concealers or foundations. Generally liquid concealers are meant to be used by oily skin people as it contains aqua in it which keeps your skin hydrated without clogging your pores. This will also make your skin less prone to acne. On the other hand, stick concealer works best with dry skin people. If you want full coverage, then stick concealers are the best because they have thick consistency. Coverage completely depends on you. If you want full coverage, you should go for stick concealer and if you want a more natural coverage, then you should go for liquid concealers.

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How to select which concealer will work best for you?

The best way to select any face product for your skin is by using testers first at the store. What I do is, walk into the store, try out a tester which according to me would go for my skin tone and type, and apply it on my face. Next I  complete all other work I have in the market or mall and check into the mirror how my face looks after an hour. If I am completely satisfied with my face after an hour or so, only then I put my money on that product. This is the best way to avoid regrets later for spending your money on something which would not work for your skin.

What type of concealer is your favorite? Liquid concealers or stick concealers? Comment below.

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