How to make your own concealer or BB cream

Do It Yourself : Get your own concealer and BB cream at home which is super affordable and works best

We generally tend to spend a thousand bucks on foundation but don’t spend too much on concealer. But until and unless you are using a concealer, you’ll never get to know what you were actually missing. This doesn’t mean that you gotta spend a bomb for a concealer because you can make your own concealer which will act as a BB cream as well for your skin. During the days you don’t want to use foundation and give full coverage to your face, you can just use this DIY and get your flaws corrected to an extent and let your skin breathe. This product will help you to hide your scars if any and also hide pigmentation. This concealer cum BB cream will also help in color correcting any flaws present.

Now if you have a very dry skin then this concealer is definitely gonna be your favorite. I won’t say it will give your skin full coverage but yes will surely gonna make you look polished. I have added little bit of moisturizer into this DIY so that your skin is properly moisturized and hydrated for a long time. This is something which you can use on a daily basis if you are going to office or college. This product is very much build-able and you can apply it twice for that extra coverage.

The best part of this DIY is that you can get your own BB cream/concealer done which would be an exact match for your skin tone. You don’t need to spend that extra time and money in the market hunting for a BB cream/concealer that matches your skin tone optimally. You can anytime change the ratios of the ingredients shown below and customize your shade according to your skin type and tone. Also controlling the moisture level in this DIY is completely up to you.

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