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Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

Kareena Kapoor Khan shows us how to wear bold lipsticks like a boss during the day and even at airports

Airport look is something which should ideally be the most comfiest look while dressing up. These day fashion is taking a different troll on people and they come out with their own fashion ideas and we somehow are loving the fact. Back in those days black dresses or bold lipsticks were meant to be flaunted only during evening events. But now experimenting is the new idea of styling. We love how our celebrities show us to experiment with fashion every other day. For those who still are of the view that bold lipsticks are only for fall or evening shows, well you got to look here how the Begum of Bollywood is giving us major goals on how to wear bold lipsticks with casuals during the day time and even at the airport.

How to wear bold lipsticks / lip colors during the day with casuals

Pulled back hair, over-sized sweatshirt and blue denims

Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

Can you ever think of wearing a basic casual outfit and then layering it up with a bold and bright red hot lipstick? Well look how a mother of this munchkin sizzles in red bold lipstick with absolute no other makeup on her face while coming back from their recent holiday . She describes it all how you don’t need to be over dressed to carry red lips around.

All black and tight bun with pink lips

Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

All black dress and pink lips is way too mainstream. But all black casuals with sneakers and pink lips, girl you need that audacity to carry if you gotta look like a diva. Could you ever think of wearing that bold fuchsia lip color with the casual-est of all outfits? Well a new fashion inspiration to look glam. Could slightly guess that this definitely would be her another airport look.

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Red on Red = 10 on 10

Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

Going monochrome with outfits is very common these days. Kareena took her glam game to a different notch by flaunting a red bold lipstick with red hot skater dress. Does she looks like a mom of 1 year old cutie here? How easy it is to wear a red lip color with the comfiest dress ever. Definitely loving this one to bits.

Absolute no makeup except the Bold lipstick you see

Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

During the days I don’t put on my makeup, I would never ever dare to wear a bold lipstick on my bare face. But after looking at this picture, I swear I would dare doing this next time when I need to look glam but in the easiest way ever. You could even try this when you are way too lazy to do your face. All you need is a red bold lipstick. That’s what Kareena is showing us here.

Little space for reds along with black and white

Kareena shows how to wear Bold Lipsticks like a Boss

Kareena absolutely looks stunning here in white pants and black blazer. This is a perfect outfit for office wear and that red lip color is just the cherry on the top. How effortlessly Kareena shows her dynamic avatar in this black and white suit. She is literally breaking the monochrome with this red pop of color on her lips.

Which look do you think you are going to carry on next?

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