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Saffron and Aloe vera serum for bright and glowing skin

DIY : Saffron and Aloe vera serum for bright and glowing skin : Night time skincare routine

Day by day things are getting busy in everyone of us life. We literally don’t have any time to have proper meals during the day nor anytime to take care of our body and skin, no workout sessions, no morning walks nothing actually too productive for ourselves. But by this all of us are actually missing the “Me time” in this hush hush busy schedule. So between all these hassle I try to take care of my skin and body as much as I can. Yes I won’t say that I do this on a daily basis, but definitely make sure of managing it at least in a day or two alternatively. I usually keep my time for night and make sure that I do all things good as much as I can for my skin and body. No obviously I am not talking about the workout sessions during the night time. I generally go for a walk in the evening at least 3 to 4 times a week for fitness.Okay not diverting myself from today’s topic, I DIY’d a night time skin care serum for that brighter and younger looking skin which I use it on a regular basis (except fort the days I become way too lazy) 😉 . This serum is made up of saffron and aloe vera which is full of goodness-es. Ayurveda says that Aloe vera is a million dollar herb and saffron is the best treatment for skin lightening and brightening.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that provide cooling sensation to your skin. It helps in fighting acne and also removes acne scars from your skin. It closes down the open pores hence preventing the pores from clogging. On the other hand, saffron is a form of spices that has amazing skin lightening properties that can actually spice up your beauty game as well. Saffron is used to clear your skin internally as well as externally. It also removes your dead skin cells when mixed with raw milk.

Checkout how I made this serum for my skin and how I use it for maximum benefits. You can apply this to your skin almost daily for best results. Don’t store this mixture for more that 4-5 days that too storage must be done in refrigerator else raw milk would start smelling which would not provide maximum benefits. If you enjoy watching this video, then make sure you hit the LIKE button. Also SHARE it with your friends and relatives who needs this. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Stylevows for more such amazing skincare and beauty tips.


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