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Things to know about Dessert Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari : What exactly is a Dessert Safari, What you should wear for dessert safari, what you need to carry, etc ??

Do you have Dubai in your Travel Bucket list? You can’t go to Dubai if  you are not planning for Dessert Safari adventure there. Even if you are a kind of person who has absolutely no interest in adventure, you still gotta go ahead and try out bashing across the golden sand dunes of the Arabian dessert. I swear this is hands-down one of the most amazing adventure you’ll ever experience. Well Dubai is full of adventure, no doubt this is the reason Dubai tourism is flourishing day by day and in no years it has become one of the most amazing tourist spot across the globe.

How to book for the Dubai Dessert Safari?

Okay so you are done with the flights and hotel bookings for Dubai, right? Now after check-in to your hotel you must know that almost all the hotels in Dubai does the booking for the Dessert Safari. You need to talk at the reception and ask the person to help you out with the bookings. We were charged AED 250/- per person for the same. So it all starts with a pickup at your hotel. Generally it is a robust 4*4 jeep or a Land Cruiser hat takes you to the sultry dessert that surrounds the city of Dubai. Midway you’ll come across the mesmerizing landscape and magnificent structures of the city.


On reaching the dessert, you are given an option to explore the same on an ATV which is also known as quad-biking. Basically it is an off-road vehicle which gives you all the more fun in exploring the dessert yourself. You need to note that there are separate charges for the same. We were charged another AED 200/- approx. for quad-biking there itself. Literally it was the next level adventure that we came across. Highly recommended to spend those extra Dirhams on quad-biking. You get approximately 30 minutes to live your life on ATV in the dessert.

Things to know about Dessert Safari Dubai

Dune Bashing

This literally took our hearts away. Oh my God, I have never experienced such an adventure in my life before this. So what happens here is the driver takes out some amount of air from the jeep tyres so that they are easy to drive across the dunes. And then you got to fasten your seat belts and hold your breath. This 2 minutes of dune bashing will literally blow your mind. Its just like a roller coaster in the dessert while being seated in the car. The person driving the jeep will bash the car across the dune up and down and make you feel as if the jeep would turn upside down. I swear the thrill was breath-taking. The driver will play some loud Arabic music to give you the real Dubai Dessert Safari feels. Hold tight and get ready for the goosebumps all over the body. Then comes my favorite part i.e taking some wonderful pictures during the beautiful sunset at the dessert. They actually take you to a point where you can capture your life’s best memories and watch an amazing sunset like never before.

Things to know about Dessert Safari Dubai
Dune Bashing
Things to know about Dessert Safari Dubai
Making memories <3

Dessert Camp and Barbeque dinner along-with entertainment

Next you’ll be headed over to the dessert camps under which your bookings were made. We made the bookings through Rayna tours and their camp was pretty good. Food and entertainment was also just perfect. There at camp food, water and soft-drinks are all inclusive of the money you have paid earlier. Also there would be a belly dance performance for your enjoyment, fire show and other entertainments for the evening. So you stay at the camp for around 2.5 hours and leave after the dinner. The dinner includes Arabian and Asian cuisine. You can also take a short camel ride there. If you missed the quad-biking earlier, then you may enjoy it at the camp area as well. After the food you are again taken back to your cab and then you’ll be dropped in your hotel.

Things to know about Dessert Safari Dubai
Dessert camp, Barbeque dinner, belly dance etc

The whole thing is a 6 hours show.(Including the pickup and the drop)

Things to note during Dessert Safari/ Quad-biking/ Dune Bashing

  • ATV is an open vehicle so while gushing across the dunes, you’ll feel sand all over so carry a scarf if you want to.
  • Wear your most comfiest outfit because all you need is to explore the dessert. So don’t wear something which will leave you uncomfortable
  • Take care of your footwear as well. You can wear anything as long as it allows you to walk on sand.
  • Sunscreen is a must must and  a must because you’ll be under the sun for quite a long time until sunset.
  • Don’t forget your camera else you’ll regret later for not capturing the breath-taking sunset view as a memory.
  • The cab will stop for refreshments twice or thrice. Make sure you get fresh if you want to because its a long show guys. You won’t find washrooms anywhere in and around the dessert except for the camps.
  • Carry a shrug/jacket/shawl because cool wind blows in the dessert after the sunset and while you are heading towards the camp you might feel a nip in the weather.
  • Be careful while quad-biking because driving in dunes is not the same as driving on roads. You might end up hurting yourself if you don’t drive carefully.
  • Don’t stuff your stomach with food before you are done with dune bashing. You can snack a little but not too much else you might feel puke-ish.

So guys I hope this post was quite informational for you if you are thinking to tick off Dubai in your next trip. Don’t forget to comment below your best ever adventure of your life.

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