Top 5 anti-tan face packs in India

Top 5 anti-tan face packs in India : Affordable and best

So in India we have entered summers and no doubt the temperature slowly goes to 40-45 degrees Celsius especially here in Delhi. The scorching summer heat makes all of us super lazy but then at the end we know how we gotta do what we gotta do. Generally during summers all the girls prevent their skin from getting tanned and hence they apply a lot of tricks like using a scarf over their head to protect themselves from sun tan or using a pair of shades. But to be honest nothing works the best. You surely will have to use any home remedy or anti-tan face packs to remove tan off your face. So here I have jotted down top 5 anti-tan face packs available in India which is also very cheap and affordable and does everything to provide goodness to your face.

1. Jovees Anti-tan pack : This face pack contains wheatgrem, carrot extracts, honey and fuller’s earth. Carrot juice is a good natural anti-tan that cuts out the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays which is emitted from the sun. This face pack helps in remove tanning, discoloration and uneven skin tone that takes place due to sun rays.

Price : INR 195/- for 100 gms

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2. Organic Harvest face mask Anti-tan : This product has vitamin-c and olive oil which is very helpful to remove tan from the face. It also has seaweed jelly extracts that helps in removing discoloration and tightens up the skin firmly. Mulberry extracts present in this face pack treats dry and sensitive skin. It also provides a soothing sensation to the irritated skin due to summer heat.

Price : INR 545/- for 50 gms

3. VLCC clear tan fruits face pack : VLCC is the combination of modern science and Ayurveda working for the treatment of various skin problems. This face pack is infused with cucumber which works best in providing a soothing sensation to your burnt skin due to summer heat. It also has the goodness of fruits that helps in giving you a younger and glowing skin.

Price : INR 225/- for 100 gms

4. Himalaya orange peel off mask : Orange is the best ingredient when it comes to glowing skin and tan removal. It makes your skin tone even and helps lighten blemish and scar marks due to sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is a peel off face mask that removes dirt and dust particles from the pores hence prevents clogging of pores. It tightens the skin cells and helps in rejuvenation.

Price : INR 60/- for 50 gms

5. Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan clear : This product is enriched with milk proteins and honey which is very useful for glowing skin. Honey will prevent your skin from any sort of allergies caused due to UVA and UVB. Milk will lead to deep cleansing of skin with removing tan at the same time. This pack will also cure pigmentation due to harmful sun rays.

Price : INR 175/- for 100 gms

So these were the Top 5 anti-tan face packs available in India. Which one do you use for tan removal.

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